None of us know what we’re doing

That’s it. That’s my whole point today. No clever phrasing or sugarcoating.

Of course, we look around and it sure looks like a lot of other people our age — some even younger — have all their crap figured out while we’re fumbling around in adulthood wishing we had instruction manuals.

But no one really does. Some people are good at pretending like they do. Some people have got a grip on one or even a few areas. But nobody’s got it all handled. Even the most successful people mess up, especially as emerging adults so early in our journeys. Even the most together-seeming people have doubts and insecurities and areas they don’t know enough about. And absolutely everyone feels like someone else is outperforming them.

In that, take comfort. We’re all confused, we’re all learning, we’re all feeling underprepared. Try to let it sink in. Try to let it free you. Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath. Most things will get easier. You’ll learn how to deal. It may never feel like you’ve got it all figured out, but practice and patience will, in time, make the world feel a little more manageable. And in the meantime, we can always call our parents or ask Google.

What helps you the most when you feel like you don’t know quite what you’re doing? Let me know in a comment below, on Twitter @ohgrowup, or Instagram @oh.grow.up! Thanks for reading, and good luck adulting!


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